A downloadable game for Windows

Trapped in a nest of giant insects?

Don't worry if you're able to fight!

Navigate through narrow hallways and kill the hideous bugs on your way!

I corrected a fatal flaw in my previous games, it's the controls. I now implemented the wasd-controls.

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MINI.file.zip 39 MB


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thats cool how it all takes place in the same map. also how did you make it so smooth? isnt RGM limited to 5 frames? tell me your secrets

I really dont't know how I pulled it off, but I think of two reasons:

1) Smaller movement. As you see, the slower animations use smaller movements.

2) Faster movement. Many weapons with rapid fire use way faster animation, blending the frames toghether.

aaah thanks man :) RGM is a pain but its fun to use


Not bad! Would be better if  gameplay was less key-oriented. 

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Thank you for your comment! 

What do you mean by kay-oriented?

PS: I'm open for suggestions to improve my games.

I mean the type of gameplay that forces player to look for key hidden in some kind of a labyrinth. It may be good if done right, but sometimes it is just boring, mostly when you have to walk with your key to the exit without any enemy contact (especially in situations, when you've already wiped out all of the monsters while looking for key).

I see, and you're right. I'll see if I can find a better solution in the sequel.

Thanks for the info!

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The music and the SFX are awesome. It's simple, but addictive.
It would be awesome if we could change mouse sensitivity.

You did a great game. :D

Thank you for the nice comment!

About the mouse sensetivity... I use RGM Raycasting game maker, which has no option to change the mouse sensetivety in-game. And all of that the software hasn't been updated in years... But it's nice to point it out, so I can maybe find a solution.